Cobwebs - A Suspense Novel is a story of deception, personal vendettas and family secrets, set in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, the capital of the Osage Nation, and site of the infamous "Reign of Terror," the first murders investigated by the newly commissioned Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) in the 1920s.

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The Ravine  (Book 1 in the Black Dog Series) Available through Wild Rose Press and Amazon in paperback and ebook format.

Katy Werling's parents think she's spending the night with a friend, unaware their child is lying severely injured at the bottom of a ravine. A crisis in their marriage consumes them, preventing them from focusing on anything other than their crumbling lives.

Neighboring families, all facing their own catastrophes, are equally oblivious to a black dog's attempt to capture their attention.

​Will any of them look past their individual struggles to discover the dog's urgent message and save the child?

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Beehives - A Suspense Novel (Book 3 in the Family Secret Series) Available through all internet book sellers or  the publisher, Wheatmark.


Her mother's first love ... a hermit's terror ... gangster's loot. Can Jamie learn the connection between the three before the past comes back to kill her?

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Ant Dens - A Suspense Novel (Book 2 in the Family Secret Series) An AWARD WINNING BOOK! Available through or the publisher, Wheatmark.  

"Rebecca Aldrich has vanished, like several other young women in Las Vegas, New Mexico. When Jamie Aldrich embarks on a desperate hunt for her missing stepdaughter, she discovers that the surrounding grasslands and foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains are full of secrets, and that her recently deceased husband left behind a life enshrouded in mystery."

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Cobwebs - A Suspense Novel, (Book 1 in the Family Secret Series) An  AWARD WINNING BOOK! Available through or the publisher, Wheatmark.

"When Jamie Aldrich was eleven years old, she and her siblings spent the summer with her great aunt Elizabeth in Pawhuska, OK as they had each previous summer. Something happened that summer,  and she's avoided Pawhuska, ever since. Thirty years later, Jamie finds her great aunt frail and agitated, inexplicably claiming her entire life was a sham.
Will Jamie be able to discover the truth before both she and Elizabeth are silenced forever?"

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Ant Dens: A Suspense Novel is a story of secrets long hidden, secrets that, if they had been confessed, would have prevented misery and stopped a decades-old criminal enterprise. Can Jamie Aldrich dig beneath the layers of her deceased husband's life in time to save his daughter from his past?" 

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Beehives: A Suspense Novel. Jamie and her fiance are hoping for a peaceful weekend at a state park to plan their upcoming wedding. Instead, they find the body of a woman. Something strange and sinister is afoot in the park. To save her fiance-and herself-Jamie will have to unravel the ties between the mysterious death of the recluse and her mother's first love, and also determine what truth lies behind tall tales of gangster's loot, ghosts snd secret affairs.

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Mary Coley

The Ravine, Book 1 of the Black Dog Series. A neighborhood preoccupied by secrets and lies ... a small child in peril ... is a stray dog her only hope for survival?